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Tefen – Flow & Dosing Technologies

Changing Tides is a proud sole distributor of Tefen since 2003. Established in 1970, Tefen is the manufacturer of Mixrite ® dosing pumps. Tefen MixRite’s products are cutting edge dosing pumps used for livestock, irrigation and industrial applications. We also stock a flow product line, used in applications where quality and reliability is the key factor.

The MixRite ® line of water driven proportional dosing pumps, are used to ensure precise additive injection directly into the water or fluid line under various flow rates, feed ratios and different ranges of pressure. These injectors are extremely durable, manufactured from engineered composite materials to withstand the rigors of the elements, as well as chemicals and acids for injection.

MixRite ® dosing pumps are suitable for a variety of applications such as medication for livestock, cleaning or disinfecting fluid lines, sanitizing water systems, car wash, cost-effective fertilizing, and pest control for crops and plants. MixRite ® injectors are adaptable, simple to use and cost-effective, while creating a long-lasting solution for your needs. The MixRite ® water powered dosing pump is a simple, user friendly and ingenious system that has demonstrated its value in over 90 countries.

MixRite Applications

MixRite Dosing Pumps, Livestock Application


The MixRite ® for livestock guarantees control over doses of treatments injected through drinking water, which is the ideal distribution method. In all kinds of livestock (poultry, pork, cattle, rabbits, etc.), the MixRite ® proportional dosing pump will enable you to dose treatments such as antibiotics, probiotics, enzymes, supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) into the water line.

MixRite Dosing Pumps, Fertilize Application


The objectives of fertigation are to control water quantities and added nutrients necessary for optimum growth of crops. MixRite ® proportional injection technology means less waste, plus a better mix for fertilizers, pesticides and other water-soluble products.

MixRite Dosing Pumps, Water treatment application

Water Treatment

Tefen MixRite ® Dosing Pumps can be used for automatic preparation of disinfecting solutions. The water-powered MixRite ® pumps operate without electricity, so they can also be used in remote areas for water purification to prevent diseases. The proportional MixRite ® pumps guarantee accurate dosing of disinfectants, independently of pressure and flow variations in the water systems.

MixRite Dosing Pumps, Sanitation Application

Sanitation and hygiene

The sanitation and hygiene industry requires exceedingly accurate and reliable chemical mixing and injection solutions. MixRite ® injectors are used in market applications like hospitals, restaurants, food services, and supermarkets. MixRite ® pumps are easily installed in fixed or mobile installations often including static mixers, maturing tanks, flow meters, etc.

MixRite Dosing Pumps, Fluid Lines Application

Cleaning/disinfecting fluid lines

MixRite ® water powered proportional dosing pumps can be used for automatic preparation of disinfecting, lubricating and detergent solutions. MixRite ® injectors operate without electricity, they can also be used in remote areas for water purification to prevent and control disease.

MixRite Dosing Pumps, Car Wash Application

Car Washing

MixRite ® pumps are the perfect solution for car wash facilities of all types and sizes. It lowers the cost-per-car expense, while using less space, energy and chemical waste.

MixRite Dosing Pumps

MixRite 1 Dosing Pump

MixRite 1

MixRite 2.5 Dosing Pump

MixRite 2.5

MixRite 3.5 Dosing Pump

MixRite 3.5

MixRite TF5 Dosing Pump

MixRite TF5

MixRite TF10 Dosing Pump

MixRite TF10

MixRite TF25 Dosing Pump

MixRite TF25

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